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Ordering Commissary for Inmates

  1. Go to  to order packs of commissary items for an inmate.
  2. If an order is placed for an inmate through MyCarePack and the inmate is released before the order arrives, we will attempt to contact the inmate to pick up the order.  If after 2 weeks the order is not picked up or we are unable to make contact with the inmate the order will be disposed of.  The Vernon County Detention Center does not have access to who sends the MyCarePack.  Therefore we cannot contact the sender to pick up the items. 
  3. MyCarePack orders are limited to inmates in good standing at the jail.  This means they must not have a debt balance, be a behavior problem or be in the Discipline Classification at the jail.  If an order is received for an inmate not in good standing it will be placed in their property and given to the inmate upon their release. 
  4. MyCarePack orders are limited to $50.00 per week.
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