Vernon Co. Sheriff's Office & Detention Center

The crucial the Vernon County Sheriff's Office is to forestall wrongdoing, ensure life and property, and to protect harmony, request, and security for all Vernon County occupants and guests. The Detention Center will give a protected and secure office where all individuals will be treated with nobility and regard. 


The people of the Sheriff's Office will play out these objectives utilizing the best expectations of lead and will endeavor to keep up the individual privileges all things considered. Consistently, we will play out our obligations and settle on our choices dependent on what is best for our locale. 



We are focused on behaving in a way that carries respect to ourselves, the workplace, and the county. 



We are focused on giving the most excellent law implementation administration to our locale. 



We are focused on accomplishing a degree of execution that surpasses all desires. 



Vernon County, in the past Bad Ax County (for quite a while), was formed in March 1851. It came from the Wisconsin State Legislature expected to support the segment. The famous Hamlet of Springville was once the ephemeral seat of neighborhood government; in any case, Viroqua was picked as the county position/seat after a lot of discussion and conversation. Land was given by generous Moses Decker for the structure of a town lobby. The generous Moses Decker is a currently observed Viroqua explorer and homesteader. Along with the Sheriff was given an office in the town corridor. 


Before Vernon County had a jail, noteworthy criminal blameworthy gatherings were joined by the Sheriff riding a pony to famous Prairie du Chien for detainment while foreseeing fundamental. Minor liable gatherings were held under oversight in a single room at the Buckeye House, which is a housing controlled by Moses Decker near the town corridor.


Until 1933, the Sheriff's Office comprised of a Sheriff and Undersheriff. Frequently the Sheriff got almost no in compensation however supported the workplace on expenses from the open, for example, serving legitimate procedure papers, moving detainees, and dinner arrangement by his significant other. In 1933, the County Board of Supervisors approved Sheriff Ray Jacobson to buy a police bike and recruit one delegate sheriff to likewise function as a traffic official, because of the expansion in mechanized travel. In his first week, that official went to the Hamlet of Valley in the Town of Forest close Hillsboro and halted such a significant number of vehicles that there was an open clamor following his giving of such huge numbers of summonses into court. The County Board assembled an exceptional meeting in the objection, terminated the traffic official, and sold the bike not long after his first week. 


All through the 1970s and 1980s, Undersheriff Jerry Fredrickson concentrated on the more intricate examinations of the office, as opposed to available time and radio working. During the 1990s, extra delegates were procured for watch, examination, prison, and dispatch. Veteran appointees Blair Spears and Donald Jefson turned into the main expert criminal agents. A clearer characterized division among prison and dispatch was accomplished. The 1990s would characterize a cutting-edge way to deal with police and prison organization. Sergeant Errett Wally Cox would turn into the primary prison chairman. The third prison and Sheriff's Office with its two augmentations and prison updates would expand use until the prison limit could never again be alleviated. Vernon County started moving and lodging detainees in other county jails at record citizen cost.


Community Services

Network Policing is a significant component of law authorization that contacts with all county educational systems regularly. It is particularly effective in giving the Counteract sedate training program county-wide. Notwithstanding schools, network police incorporate with business, wrongdoing battling associations, and traverse to the watch division varying. 


K-9 Unit

The K-9's remarkable capacity in smell, dexterity, fearlessness, and assurance are perceived both broadly and universally. 


The Sheriff's canine would be broadly educated int the capacity to: 


  • Track to discover lost youngsters and missing grown-ups because of clinical issues. 
  • Perform advertising between the police and network. 
  • Give appearances and exhibitions at different network capacities. 
  • Be an exceptionally noticeable hindrance to crime. 
  • Track and secure crooks for arraignment of their violations. 
  • Find unlawful medications. 


Diminish the hours expected to look through structures, to find unlawful medications, and to discover individuals in trouble. 



The Patrol Division is answerable for reacting to all calls for administration from the open 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. Sorts of calls reacted to incorporate, yet are not constrained to car crashes, criminal objections, security concerns, unsettling influences, robberies, local and other difficulty calls where viciousness is of concern. 

Vernon County Detention Center

The new office was worked to suit Vernon County prison needs throughout the following 20 to about 30 years. Vernon County Detention Center office was finished four months in front of the calendar cost above $650,000 but was well less than the $10.3 million dollar spending plan. 


Undersheriff James Hanson and Sheriff Gene Cary were the main principles organization to possess the office in December of 2006. A cutting-edge correction facility is overseen by the amazing Captain Charles Jacobson, who is known as the prison manager. The workplace increases of the third prison keep on serving county residents today through inhabitance by different organizations. The prison parcel is just involved for capacity. 

Visiting Rules and hours

Appearance will be on the next days and times: 


Female prisoners will visit on Monday and Wednesday night times from 7:00 pm. To 8:30 pm and on Sundays from 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm. 


Male prisoners will visit on Tuesday and Thursday night times from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm and on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 11:00 am and 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 


Appearance is constrained to one (1) thirty (30) minute non-contact visit every weekday and one (1) sixty (hour long) visit on Saturday and Sunday. End of the week visits must be booked by calling expert control. Calls to plan visits will not be permitted sooner than 8am on the Monday of the seven day stretch of the visit. If all appearance spots are full, at that point the calling individual may plan a period for the next week. During the end of the week visits, the detainee may see up to two guests. The visits will be everyone in turn and the guests may change out just a single time. 


Sending Money to Inmates

Assets for detainees can be saved at the Vernon County Sheriff's Office. There is a kiosk close to the appearance zone to store reserves. 


Assets can be saved at some other prison office that has a kiosk for a detainee in the Vernon County Detention Center. 


Logon to on the web or on your cell phone to store assets to a detainees account.



Go to to arrange packs of store things for a prisoner. 


On the off chance that a request is set for a detainee through and the prisoner is discharged before the request shows up, we will endeavor to contact the prisoner to get the request. On the off chance that following fourteen days the request is not gotten or we cannot reach the detainee, the request will be discarded. The Vernon County Detention Center does not approach the buyer's data; hence we cannot contact the buyer to get the things. orders are constrained to prisoners on favorable terms at the prison. This implies they should not have an obligation balance, be a conduct issue or be in the Discipline characterization at the prison. On the off chance that a request is gotten for a prisoner not on favorable terms, the request will be set in their property and given to the detainee upon their discharge. 


Prisoners are restricted to $100.00 in supermarket buys every week. The $100.00 is their very own mix orders in addition to any buys made through

Vernon Co. Sheriff's Office & Detention Center
1320 Bad Axe Court, Viroqua WI 54665


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